The Aquarium (Yallingup): What You NEED to Know Before Visiting

The Aquarium is a picturesque swimming lagoon nestled amongst the rocky coastline near Yallingup in Western Australia.

Rock pool and swimming area at the Aquarium in Yallingup
View of the rock pool area

How to get to the Aquarium?

The Aquarium is located between Canal Rocks and Smiths Beach at Yallingup in Western Australia (Approximately 3hrs drive from Perth).

The quickest way to get to the Aquarium is to head down Canal Rocks Road and look for a turn-off to a small look-out car park on the right.

Closet car park to the Aquarium in Yallingup
Carpark area south of the Aquarium at Yallingup

From here there is a small path that heads north along the Cape to Cape walk. If you head down here you’ll be on your way to the Aquarium.

Start of the walking trail to the Aquarium in Yallingup

After walking down the path you’ll come across a wider rocky turn-off that takes you down to the Aquarium.

Trail down towards the Aquarium in Yallingup
The trail heading down towards the Aquarium

Once you’ve headed down this slope you then head right down towards the Aquarium.

Side view of the Aquarium in Yallingup

Although not as direct, you can also get to the Aquarium by parking at Smiths Beach and walking south along the cape to cape trail.

How long does it take to walk to the Aquarium?

The length of the path is around 550-600m from the closest car park. Therefore, depending on your level of fitness, it will take around 20-30mins to walk there.

What is the path like to the Aquarium?

Although it doesn’t take long to get to the Aquarium, the path does have a number of ‘obstacles’ to look out for. These include exposed rock, tree roots, and some log-based steps to climb up and down.

Also, when you’re walking to the Aquarium don’t rush the walk down there. Be sure to take some time out at the look out on the way down where you get some great views of the surrounding area including Canal Rocks and Canal Rocks boat ramp in the distance.

A nice bench to relax on whilst walking to the Aquarium
A nice lookout and a chance for a rest as you walk down
Tree and views when walking to the Aquarium in Yallingup
Scenic landscape
Coastal views whilst walking to the Aquarium in Yallingup
Coastal view walking to the Aquarium

Although not as direct, you can also get to the Aquarium by parking at Smiths Beach and walking south along the cape to cape trail.

Can you park at the Aquarium?

No, as mentioned above there is no car park at the Aquarium. To get there you have to park at the closest lookout car park and walk down (Around 500-600m).

What can you do at the Aquarium?

During the summer months, most people head to the Aquarium for a swim, snorkel or just to sit and cool down from the heat.

If you’re visiting during the winter months, although the water is likely to be too cold for a swim, the Aquarium is still well worth the visit especially for those that are looking for a brisk walk whilst taking in the fresh sea air and enjoy some stunning coastal scenery.

For the little ones, there are also a bunch of small rock pools surrounding the main swimming area which are perfect for toddlers to spend some time exploring, looking for small marine life and the likes.

The Aquarium in Yallingup
One of the rock pools at the Aquarium

Are there toilets or drinking fountains at the Aquarium?

No, there are no toilets or drinking fountains at the Aquarium, therefore if you plan on spending some time there be sure to come prepared and ensure you have plenty of water and other essential supplies with you.

What else is there to see close by?

If you’re visiting the Aquarium then I’d also recommend visiting Canal Rocks which is close by and if you do have the time, the Injidup Natural Spa is also worth a visit.

Final Thoughts

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon walking down and exploring the Aquarium. On the day we were there the weather wasn’t that great so we didn’t get to go for a swim though I reckon this would be a great place to visit during the summer months.

However, similar to other places such as Injidup Spa, I could imagine the Aquarium would get quite busy in peak periods so perhaps something to keep in mind and consider visiting either outside of peak times, early morning or late arvo.

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