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Madmackie.com.au is an online information resource which is provided to people that have an interest in fishing, diving, boating, 4WDing and exploring Western Australia.

All comments, opinions or beliefs posted by registered members are those of the members.  MadMackie.com.au accepts no liability or responsibility for any content, comments or opinions posted within MAdMackie.com.au or it’s associated social media channels.

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By becoming a member of MadMackie.com.au you agree to the subsequent terms and conditions.

·         MadMackie.com.au reserve the right to change our terms and conditions without prior notice;

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·         As all information disclosed by members in comments or forums becomes public information, members agree to take full responsibility when sharing personal info or making statements;

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·         Madmackie.com.au is not responsible for the reliability and accuracy of member content;

·         MadMackie.com.au reserves the right to delete:

o    any posting of affiliate or third party website links with the aim of self-promoting or advertising;

o    Posts containing offensive, abusive, sexist or racist language;

o    Any posts that are defamatory in nature;

·         Madmackie.com.au accepts no liability or responsibility for member actions, both verbal or physical;

·         Madmackie.com.au reserves the right to cancel memberships, If a member fails to abide by the above terms and conditions.

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