Boating in Western Australia

Everything you need to know about boating in WA including boating resources, how-to guides, boat ramps and marinas, sea rescue and more.

Exmouth Artificial Reef

Artificial Reefs in WA: Location maps and GPS Coordinates

Check out this page for all of WA's artificial reefs including location maps, GPS coordinates and videos and pics for each reef! ...

Western Australia is a boating paradise. It’s vast coastline and variation in climates offer such a versatile range of boating experiences. For a boating fan, it is hard to find anything more exciting than boating in WA because you can be out deep sea fishing in the Indian ocean one day, then out for a lazy fishing trip on a dam or river the next.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a boat licence in Western Australia?

Yes you need a boating licence. Although it may seem very inconvenient to have to take a test and sit an exam, licences are vital when boating in Western Australia. The boating safety act requires all boat drivers and passengers to be licensed. This is not just for boaters but also includes people who operate jet skis and inflatable craft within Western Australia.

Can you drink and drive when operating a boat in Western Australia?

No, its an offence to boating while under the influence of alcohol. However boaters are allowed to have a certain amount of alcohol in their blood when operating or being carried on board a boat. When boating at night this limit is zero and for boaters during daylight hours its 0.05mgs/ml. Refer to section 59(2) of the Western Australian Marine Act 1982 and the Road Tarrfic Act 1974 from the Department of Transport WA for more information.

Where can I boat in Western Australia?

There a hundreds of locations to take your boat out in Western Australia. If you’re in Perth then some recommended locations lnclude Rottnest Island, Penguin Island, Seal Island, Carnac Island, Garden Island. Marinas to depart from include Fremantle, Hillaries, Ocean Reef, Mindarie and Two Rocks.

If you’re up in the North west of WA, then areas such as Geraldton (Abrolhos Islands), Shark Bay, Coral Bay, Exmouth, Dampier Archipelago Islands and Mackerel Islands are great choices.

If you’re in the south west then you have locations such as Bunbury, Busselton (Geographe Bay), Dunsborough, Augusta, Denmark, Albany and Esperance.

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