Canal Rocks (Yallingup): Everything You NEED To Know Before Visiting

Canal Rocks in Yallingup is a popular attraction in the southwest region of Western Australia. Over hundreds of years, large swells from the Indian ocean have been breaking onto massive granite rocks, carving canal-like formations for the water to flow through.

The foot bridge at Canal Rocks in Yallingup
The wooden bridge at Canal Rocks

How to get to Canal Rocks?

Canal Rocks is located near Yallingup in the southwest of WA. To get there head south down Caves Rd and then take a right turn down Canal Rocks Rd.

Once you’re on Canal Rocks Rd follow this all the way down to the coast and it will take you directly to the Canal Rocks car park.

Canal rocks boat ramp car park

From here you can choose to walk down towards the Canal Rocks bridge or head off to explore the general area.

No dogs allowed at Canal Rocks in Yallingup

Things to do at Canal Rocks

When you arrive at Canal Rocks here’s a few things you can do:

Check out the Bridge

Take a stroll over the Canal Rocks bridge and watch the powerful swells crash over the rocks and rush under your feet as you stand on the bridge;

Amazing granite rocks at Canal Rocks in Yallingup

Check out the surroundings

Observe the surrounding ocean and rock pools from the bridge, looking for marine life, crabs, and critters that occupy the area (I was surprised to see a seal swimming under the bridge when I was there);

View from the bridge at Canal Rocks


Sit back, relax and take in the beautiful scenery;

Area to the rear of Canal Rocks

Take a look at the Jetty

When not in use by boaties, take a stroll out to the end of the jetty at the Canal Rocks boat ramp;

View from the jetty at Canal Rocks boat ramp
View from the end of the Canal Rocks boat ramp jetty

Walk to the lookout

Take a walk to the lookout approximate 500m from the Canal Rocks (Note, this same lookout is where you can walk down to the Aquarium)

Coastal views whilst walking to the Aquarium in Yallingup
View from the lookout

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a collection of FAQs related to Canal Rocks:

Are dogs allowed at Canal Rocks?

No, unfortunately, dogs are not allowed at Canal Rocks in Yallingup.

No dogs allowed at canal rocks yallingup
No dog sign as you enter Canal Rocks

Can you swim or snorkel at Canal Rocks?

Due to the large swells and currents around the rocks, it’s not recommended to swim or snorkel around Canal Rocks. If you’re keen on a swim then check out the Aquarium which is close by.

Has the Canal Rocks Bridge been repaired?

Yes, the canal rocks bridge has been repaired since the last storm that hit in August 2021.

Are there toilets at Canal Rocks?

Yes, there are public toilets located at the top of the car park.

Can you fish at Canal Rocks?

As Canal Rocks is considered a ‘general use zone’ which means fishing is permitted, however as there are often big swells and strong currents in the area you must be careful where you choose to fish from.

Fishing from Canal Rocks in Yallingup

Check out our fishing safety page for more information on how to stay safe when fishing from the rocks.

Can I launch my boat at Canal Rocks?

Yes, there is a boat launch facility at Canal Rocks. Check out our Canal Rocks boat ramp page for more information.

Check out the below photo gallery and videos for an insight to what Canal Rocks and the surrounding areas look like.

Final thoughts

Overall visiting the Canal Rocks was a pleasant experience for myself and the family. I found it so relaxing and quite mesmerising sitting back and watching the raw indian ocean swells crash over the outer granite rocks with the water rushing and swirling through under the bridge.

One thing I will add though is if you do have little ones with you, always be mindful of their whereabouts as there are often large king waves and swells that surge up over the rock edges.

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