Fellow West Aussie Supporters…

Since starting madmackie.com.au back in 2019 I’ve had to do a lot of research on different destinations, attractions, and the sort.  This has involved spending hours and hours scrolling through my social feeds.

Well…I have to say that I’ve been amazed by how many awesome and talented homegrown photographers and videographers we have here in WA!  Checking out my feeds daily, I come across so many really talented and dedicated WA photographers and youtubers that continue to produce such engaging content whilst generously sharing their stories and photos or videos via social media.

In addition to sharing on their socials, some of these content creators have been generous enough to allow me to use their photos or videos on Madmackie.  With their support, we’re able to provide the most update to date, accurate and engaging content possible.

As I way to say thank you, I would encourage anyone that is reading this, to take the time to click through and support these fellow west aussies… cheers all!

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