Spearfishing in West Oz: Your Ultimate Guide

Spearfishing in Western Australia is popular amongst many west aussies. With over 50+ ideal locations across the state, spearfisherman of the west of many spots to choose from.

Spearfishing man about to enter water
Getting ready for the hunt…


There are heaps of locations for spearfishing in WA.

Perth and Surrounds

There are plenty of great spots to try around metro, both shore diving and offshore. If you’re fortunate to have a boat there are some nice reefs dives that are approx 1 – 5 miles within Perth shore lines ranging from 2 – 15m in depth.

Another popular location out from Perth for those fortunate to have a boat is Rottnest Island. Known as “Rotto” to the locals, this island has some fantastic dives with spearfisherman often catching some nice fish.

However, no matter where you’re diving off Perth be sure to be mindful of both marine sanctuary zones and of course Great white sharks as they do cruise up and down the coast. If you need are Sharkshield the WA state government are currently offering rebates so be sure to check these out.

Mid West of WA

Many fisherman say that the further you head up the coast the better the fishing gets. Heading up the coast from Perth you’ll hear about the famous Abrohlos Islands. Although it’s a 4-5hr boat drive out from Geraldton this the Abrohlos Islands offers fantastic spearfishing opportunities.

There are heaps of fish species available to spear such as spanish mackeral, Tuna, spangreled Emporer, coral trout, travelly and much more.

However, just like the waters off Perth, Great Whites are often sighted in these waters so be sure to watch out and where a sharkshield if you have one.

North West of WA

Further up from Geraldton and the Abrohlos Islands you’ll come across coastal towns along the Ningaloo Reef. Such places include Coral Bay, Exmouth and Onslow. WIth the Ningaloo Reef being so close to the shore this is a DREAM for so many spearfisherman.

Around this area the depth will vary from 1m-12m, but typically the depth is around 4m-8m which is ideal conditions. Note however, spearfishing in the deeper waters is for experienced spearfisherman only as the swell and currents can be strong. Not to mentioned there are sharks are EVERYWHERE. Most of the smaller reef sharks are harmless though it’s the big tiger sharks you have to watch out for.

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