Camping Guides And Articles

As time goes on we’re putting together a selection of camping guides and articles to help fellow Aussies get the most out of their camping trips in Oz. If there is a camping topic you would like to be covered please reach out to us and we’ll look into it!

For more information, select from the list of articles below:

sharkskin dry bag

Dry Bags: What Are They And Reasons Why You Should Have One

Although I love to get out in our boat, I also love to explore our amazing waterways and rivers using our kayaks and paddle boards too. A photo of the ...
sand on feet

4 Essential Tips to Keep Sand Out of Your Tent (Based On Experience)

Don’t you just hate it when you go to step into your tent and the next minute you have sand all over the base of your tent… me too! To ...
Two beds in an Oztent RV5

How many people can sleep in an OzTent RV5? Here’s Your Answer!

This is a question I see asked a lot on the internet and amongst different Facebook groups. The answer varies depending on both the size of you and your family ...
Two Oztents side by side

Why I bought two Oztent RV5

You could say I like them so much that I wanted two of them, though this wasn't quite the case. As mentioned in my bio I have two sons that ...
Oztent RV5 logo

Pros and Cons of Oztent RV5: A Must Read Before Buying

Before purchasing an Oztent RV5 here are a few pros and cons to consider. Pros Goes up quickly - yes it is really a 30-second tent! That's one thing I've ...
Which is the best sand peg

Sand Pegs: Everything You NEED To Know

If you're planning a beach camping trip or need to set up some shade or perhaps an annexe in a sandy area then it's important that you have the best ...
Chemicals for portable toilets

Portable Toilets: What Chemicals Do I Need to Use In Australia?

I recently purchased a king's portable toilet and couldn't find information about what chemicals I need to use. With this in mind, I thought I would share my research to ...
Drifta canvas bag for RV5 tent

4 problems with the Oztent RV5 tent bag

I purchased my first OzTent RV5 back in 2016 and I was so happy with it I decided to purchase another one for my sons to sleep in. (Below is ...
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