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Looking for some 4WD Guides to better your next trip? You’ve come to the right site. 4WDing in Australia, particularly Western Australia is popular amongst many WA residents and visitors.

A great setup for touring  Western Australia
A great rig for touring Western Australia – Photo taken at Shark Bay, WA

Whether you plan to explore some remote locations of the north west (such as Exmouth, Coral Bay or Broome), or head down through the lush country side of the south west, Western Australia has so many places on offer.

However, before you head off on your trip check out the useful guides published on 4WDingaustralia.com. These guides are fantastic and offer some great unbiased advice to ensure you’re set up correctly before venturing off through WA.

  1. Fitting bigger tyres to your 4WD
    Everything you need to know when it comes to upgrading the tyres on your 4WD

  2. Towing capacity; a simple guide to keep you legal
    Towing a caravan or camper van? This is a must read to ensure you are legal

  3. 42 things you must know about 4WDing
    Be sure to have a read of this – has a great list of things you must know before heading off in your 4WD

  4. 20 things you should never do in a 4WD recovery
    Unfortunately getting bogged or stuck when 4WDing happens too often!

  5. Is your 4WD legal?
    There are many factors you must consider to ensure your vehicle is road worthy and legal

  6. 4WD Accessories
    A great article on 4WD accessories

  7. How much do you really know about 4WD insurance?
    This is an interesting read, learn about the ins and outs of 4WD insurance and the scenarios you won’t be covered

  8. Roof racks; are you overloaded?
    Nearly every 4WD has a roof rack though be sure to read this so you know whether or not your rack is overloaded!

  9. Are you being misled by 4WD tow ratings?
    Another great read about 4WD tow ratings – definitely a must-read for those towing a caravan, camper or boat.
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