Yallingup, Western Australia

Yallingup is a popular coastal town located in the southwest region of Western Australia.  Located among the hills of the rugged coastline, Yallingup overlooks a number of popular surf breaks including Smiths Beach.

Yallingup in the south west region of Western Australia
Looking back toward the town of Yallingup in Western Australia

How do you get to Yallingup?

Yallingup is located 260kms south of Perth in the southwest region.  If driving via car you should allow around 3hrs with no traffic.  

Things to do in Yallingup

As Yallingup is located within the Margaret River region there are numerous activities to do.  Some activities include:

Visit Canal Rocks, the Aquarium, and Indijup Spa

Photo of the Injidup Natural Spa

Due to its rugged and wild-like coastline, there are some awesome natural attractions to check out along Yallingnup’s coastline.  These Canal Rocks, the Aquarium, Indijup Natural Spa, and Qunninup Falls.

I’ve personally visited all of these with my sons so feel free to check out the below pages for more information and photos of each location;

Visit the Caves

There is a great underground cave near Yallingup called Ngilgi Cave.  If you have the time this is well worth the visit.  As you venture down underground you’ll be amazed by stunning caves containing stalactites and stalagmites that have formed over hundreds of years.

If you’re keen to venture further south, there are a few more caves located in between Magaret River and Augusta. These are called Mammoth Cave, Lake Cave, Gaints Cave, and Jewel Cave.

Go Fishing

With easy access to the beach, Yallingup and the surrounding areas have some great spots to take the family fishing. During the early months of the year is the salmon season where you get schools of salmon traveling up along the southwest coast as they migrate north. If you’re down there during this team be sure to keep an eye out for salmon school moving through, these are great fun catching, especially with the kids.

Salmon fishing at Yallingup is great fun!
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