Weather in Western Australia can vary quite a lot due to its close proximity to the Indian and Southern Pacific Oceans which cause weather fronts to cross over it. These fronts bring a wide variety of weather patterns from tropical lows, cold fronts, heat waves as heavy rainfall, gales and thunderstorms.

However, saying this the weather in Western Australia is often delightful and it is common to have warm conditions with clear blue skies and whilst the weather may be very hot during the day, at night time it usually cools down nicely.

Check out all the latest WA reports below.

BOM radar: 256 km Perth (Serpentine) Radar Loop (

Tides for Perth, WA

Check the chart below for the tidal heights and times in Perth.

Moon for Perth, WA

The moon phase can have an impact on your fishing so ensure to check the moon phase before heading out.

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