Fishing Safety: Come home alive

Fishing within Australia is one of the most popular and enjoyable fishing activities around. The fishing industry brings in billions of dollars to the Australian economy each year, with Western Australia being home to some of the best fishing spots in the country.

Always ensure children are wearing life jackets

With fishing so popular, you would think that fishing safety is always top-of-mind for anglers, sadly, this is not always the case.

Fishing Safety Tips

For safety tips, safety equipment and videos check out the links below from WA’s Fish and Survive website produce by Recfishwest.

Boat Fishing Safety

Fishing from the boat is a popular activity with Western Australia’s coast. Before hitting the water, fishermen should familiarize themselves with safety equipment as well as what’s required on board and how to use it.

Safety when Rock Fishing

Ideally, fishing is a relatively safe activity. Nonetheless, we must maintain safety while carrying out this often relaxing pastime. We can do this by not putting our lives at risk with such potentially dangerous moves like catching fish near cliffs or venturing into the ocean without protective clothing and equipment.

Spearfishing Safety

When fishing below the surface of the water, take these important precautions so you come back up again.

Safety whilst kayaking

Kayak fishing is a safe sport if done correctly. It is important to always wear your lifejacket in case of emergencies such as fallen trees, rough seas of other unforeseen circumstances.

Beach fishing Safety

Beach fishing in Western Australia is WA’s safest way to fish. However, it is possible to end up in trouble if you don’t know the conditions of the water – especially pertaining to currents and tides.

Abalone Fishing Safety

If you’re venturing out on reefs chasing Abalone, be sure to follow safety guide lines. You will want to watch your footing at all times, if you step on a sharp rock or accidently cut yourself fishing can become very dangerous on reefs. For more tips check out the My Beach website.

Safety when Fresh Water Fishing

Fishing in freshwater is often undertaken at beautiful locations where it may not seem as risky. However, there are still potential risks that should be considered.

Fishing Safety for Beginners

With any outdoor activity, new and experienced enthusiasts alike must follow laws and regulations pertaining to their activities in order to stay safe. Fishing safety is no different.

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