Injidup Natural Spa (Yallingup, WA): A MUST Read Before Visiting

Injidup Natural Spa is a natural salt spa located just south of Yallingup, Western Australia. The term Injidup means ‘place of many waters’. In 1931 Injidup was discovered by David R Sneddon who thought that the water had beneficial healing powers and that people should be able to enjoy the benefits of this natural discovery.

Indijup Natural Spa
Waiting for the water at Injiidup spa to come rushing over the rocks

About Injidup Spa

Video of Indijup Natural Spa in Yallingup, Western Australia

The natural spa is visited by more than 50,000 people a year. The natural spa offers the chance to swim in a pool almost completely surrounded by cliffs that are over 100 million years old.

As you can see by the video above this spa is quite unusual and is definitely one that people would enjoy. Although it can take a while to walk down to, the spa is safe to swim in and it’s great to see the excitement on people’s faces when the water comes rushing over the rocks into the natural pool of the spa.

Injidup Spa also offers amazing views over the ocean and will leave you speechless when you see it for the first time.

How do I get to Indijup Spa?

Injidup Spa is located 5-10mins south of Yallingup. To get to Indijup spa head south on Caves Rd and take a right turn on Wyadup Rd. Follow this road all the way until you reach the car park for Indijup Spa.

Once you get there you’ll see a track heading down towards the spa. Note, there are a few boulders you have to walk over to reach the spa area so make sure you watch your step as you head down.

When is the best time to visit Injidup Natural Spa?

Due to its popularity, Indijup Natural Spa can get pretty busy during school holidays, public holidays and over the weekends.  Therefore, I would recommend visiting outside of these times to avoid the crowds.

If you plan on going for a dip, then you definitely want to head there during summer, or for those that don’t mind the cold then you could consider autumn or spring.

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What to bring with you

When heading to the spa as there are no shops nearby I would recommend the following:

  • Bathers and a towel;
  • Insect repellant (This is more if you plan to sit around the spa on the rocks as when were visited there were a few mosquitos around);
  • A GoPro or a waterproof camera (especially if you want to get some pics in the spa!);
  • Drinking water and some snacks (depending on how long you plan to spend there);
  • A pair of shoes suitable for walking on the rocks.

Things to consider when visiting Indijup Spa

Below are a few things that you may like to consider before heading to Indijup spa.

1. Avoid the crowds

Tourists entering the Indijup Natural Spa

As per the photo below Indijup Spa can get quite busy, especially during the school holidays, hence if you can I recommend visiting the spa outside of school holidays or consider heading there as early as possible.

2. Take some insect repellent

Bushmans spray insect repellent
Rember to bring some insect repellent if you plan to sit around the natural spa

Note, there can be quite a few mosquitos in and around the rocks so bring a good repellent if you are going during summer. One of my favourite repellents to keep mosquitoes away is bushman plus which is available at most outdoor stores.

3. Be safe

Injidup natural spa has been described as one of Australia’s most beautiful natural rock pools, but there are also signs warning people of jumping off the cliffs so make sure that you assume all risks before entering this stunning natural hot spring.

Also try not to venture out from the spa area as the open waters around there area are quite strong and if you’re not careful you could be swept away by the surging currents.

4. Shoes suitable for rocks

One thing to note is that if you want to get into the natural spa area or get up close to watch the water flowing over the rocks, then it’s best to have some shoes or thongs with you that are suitable for climbing over rocks.

Is Injidup Spa suitable for kids?

Your kids will love it here!  Both my sons had a great time, especially being near the wall when the water comes rushing over whilst also exploring the pools with their goggles on.

However, I will add that if you have younger ones also best to be in the water with them and keep an eye on them at all times.  

The reason I say that if the swell and tides are up, the force of the water coming over the rocks can be fairly strong hence best you keep hold of them to ensure their safety, especially when it’s busy and everyone is trying to get near the waterfall area.

Can I take my dog to Injidup Natural Spa?

No, unfortunately, dogs are not allowed at Injidup Natural Spa or on Injidup Beach.

Are you allowed to camp at Injidup Natural Spa?

No, there is no camping allowed at Injidup Natural Spa.  If you wish to camp nearby then there are a couple of caravan parks in Yallingup that have campsites available.

Take your rubbish with you

Unfortunately, when we were visiting I did notice a bit of rubbish in and around the rocks, so as always please ensure you take any rubbish with you as there are no bins down near the spa area.

Visitor reviews

Personally, although it does get busy at times if you’re in the Margaret River region and have the time, I’d definitely recommend checking out this natural beauty.

However, don’t take my word for it…be sure to check out what others say on TripAdvisor here.

Be sure to check out the surrounding areas

Once you’ve spent some time at the spa it’s also worth taking a walk around the area as there are some amazing rock formations to view.

Rock pool to left of spa
My two sons having fun in the rock pools to the left of the Injidup spa

Just down to the left of the spa, there is also a nice little rock pool area which is great for the little ones. It’s not very big though if you’re there on a quiet day and you’re looking for a shallow pool for the kids to splash in then this is ideal.

Accommodation in the area

If you want to stay really close then although expensive, Injidup Natural Spa Retreat is definitely worth a look.  Or alternatively, you’re next closest town to stay in would be Yallingup.

Injidup Beach: Surfs up!

Indijup Beach
Injidup Beach to the left of Injidup spa

Once you’ve had a look at Injidup Spa it’s definitely worth taking a stroll along Injidup beach. You can reach the beach by following the walking track down to the left rather than heading towards to spa.

On the right days, this beach can really produce some awesome waves so for surfers visiting the area it may be worthwhile to chuck your board in the boot;) The below footage shows some awesome surf after a cyclone up north caused some massive swell in 2018.

Big surf at Indijup Beach to the left of Injidup Natural Spa

Injidup Natural Spa Photos

To provide an insight into what to expect, I thought I would share some photos of the Injidup Natural Spa.

More Information

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If you have a 4WD you may also like to take a look at the Three Bears 4WD track which starts just south of the spa and takes you along the coast to the famous Bears Surf break.

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