Canal Rocks Boat Ramp

Located adjacent to the popular tourist attraction of Canal Rocks, is the Canal Rocks boat ramp.  This ramp is ideal for those wanting to head out west of the cape and explore the coastline of Yallingup.

Photo of Canal Rocks boat ramp
Photo of the Canal Rocks boat ramp

The ramp consists of a concrete ramp and a small jetty with parking up behind the ramp. 

Canal rocks boat ramp car park

Although this ramp is positioned on the sheltered side of the rocks protecting you from the strong westerly winds and swell, the water can surge up and down the ramp sometimes making it difficult to launch and retrieve from.

Canal rocks boat ramp can be dangerous sign

Therefore, be sure to ensure the conditions are in your favour before heading out from here or at least try to have a couple of helping hands to help with the launch/retrieval if the conditions aren’t that great.

Boat Ramp Summary

  • Concrete ramp
  • Jetty
  • Parking (Can get busy during busy times)
  • Toilets

Location map

The Canal Rocks Boat Ramp is located at the end of Canal Rocks Rd south of Yallingup town.

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