Dive Wrecks in Western Australia

About to dive wrecks in WA

There are a number of wrecks to be dived in western australia by scuba divers. Most are found on the western side of Australia’s south west corner. Some wrecks are just off the coast, some deep within the ocean and others lie in bays as they were scuttled for artificial reefs.

The wrecks range from small boats to large tankers and freighters. Dive planning is always an important part of any dive but especially so with scuba diving around scuba diving / wreck dive sites as multiple dives can be made at each site where there is more than one wreck present.

HMAS Swan in Dunsborough

Lying about 50 feet beneath the surface, the wreck of HMAS Swan was scuttled during WWII and today is home to three different types of sharks that can reach up to 20 feet in length. Divers can swim through the shipwreck’s corridors and see its two anti-aircraft guns.

HMAS Perth in Albany

The HMAS Perth dive wreck is located about nine miles off the coast of Albany. It was scuttled in an attempt to block Japanese naval access from the Southern Ocean during World War II. Today it is a scuba diving site for recreational divers, with parts of the ship still intact and home to plenty of marine life. The HMAS Perth sits upright on the ocean floor at a depth between 25 and 50 feet depending upon the time of year.

The Alkimos Wreck

The Alkimos wreck is one of the most haunted dive sites in Western Australia. Stories of workmen sealed inside the hull, murder onboard and ghostly apparitions in the night. The now collapsed site offshore near Shorehaven sits about 3m deep. The Alkimos Wreck can be reached by launching at the Mindarie Marina boat ramp.

More Information on Dive Wrecks

for more information on dive wrecks in Western Australia check out https://www.divingwawrecks.com/

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