Fishing in Western Australia

Fishing is popular past time for Western Australian residents with nearly a third of it’s population known to have fished recreationally. Whether its fishing through the freshwater waterways or deep out in the ocean Western Australia has an abundant of locations to choose from. Onshore beach fishing, offshore boat, spearfishing, freshwater – Western Australia has it all.

The warm remote waters of the north of Western Australia are a fisherman’s dream. With places like the Abrohlos Islands, Ningaloo reef and the Dampier Archipelago fisherman are spoilt for choice. These areas are teeming with fish offering deep water, reef and pelagic fish species. Whether your chasing the elusive Marlin, a deep sea red emperor, or an energetic Spanish mackerel you won’t be disappointed.

Spanish Mackeral caught Fishing in Coral Bay
12kg Spanish Mackerel caught fishing off Coral Bay, WA

Alternatively, if you head down to the southwest of Western Australia you get a whole different experience. There are may freshwater rivers, dams and lakes for the enthusiastic fisherman to explore. Typical freshwater species include trout and redfin perch, not to mention marron in the early months of the year.

If you have a 4WD, or even a 2WD the coastal locations on offer are second to none. Stretching from Esperance all the way around to Busselton, there are hundreds of rocky outcrops and stunning beaches to be fished from. Fishermen often catch species off the coast such as the Australian Salmon, Snapper, King George Whiting and Tailor.

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When it comes to licenses there are no licenses required to saltwater fish from the shore. However, if you plan to head out in a boat you’ll need a license per fisherman. Additional to this freshwater fishing, cray, abalone, marron and net fishing all require licenses. Contact the Department of Fisheries for more information on licences, bag and size limits.

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