Diving & Snorkelling: Guides & Articles

To help out fellow Aussies, I’ve started to put together a list of diving and snorkelling-related articles. If there is a topic you would like us to cover or an article you would like to see please reach out to us and we’ll do our best to cover it.

For more information, select from the list below:

great white shark cage diving australia

Can you Cage Dive with Sharks in Perth Western Australia?

Although there are some large sharks off the coast of Perth, in particular great whites, there is no cage diving with Sharks on offer in Perth, WA. This is unlike ...
Close up of GoPro Snorkel Mask mount

GoPro Snorkel Mask: What Mask I Use And Why I Like It

Throughout the years I've tried a number of different ways to mount my GoPro whilst snorkeling or diving to capture footage underwater. This has included a standalone head mount, mounting ...
Two boys going on ladder at Busselton Jetty

Snorkelling off Busselton Jetty

After checking the weather report and seeing light south easterlies all day the conditions were primed for some snorkelling off Busselton Jetty. With the kayaks on the roof racks we ...
Looking at fish while Snorkelling at Rottnest Island

Snorkeling at Rottnest Island

"Dad... this friday is a pupil free day... can we go snorkeling?" As soon as I heard my older son say this I started wondering what day trip we could ...
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