Privacy Policy

Privacy of members and site visitors is extremely important to us. To provide reassurance, we have published this privacy policy to detail how we use, collect, and make use of personal information.  This is outlined in the following points:

  • We will identify the purpose of collecting personal information before doing so;
  • Personal information collected will only be used solely to fulfill the objective specified by us prior;
  • Personal information will only be retained as long as required to fulfil purposes specified;
  • Information will only be collected by fair means and where required, with the consent and knowledge of the individual(s) concerned;
  • Personal information will be protected by security safeguards available within the websites content management system and the website’s hosting infrastructure;
  • If required, information about our privacy policies, processes and best practices can be made readily available to members and/or site visitors;
  • Personal information provided will not be made public and will only be used for the purpose for which you have provided it unless required by law;
  • If members utilise the private messaging function within the site, accepts no responsibility or accountability for the content within these messages and abuse of such a function can result in a members account being terminated; and
  • Although will endeavour to take all appropriate measures to protect your personal information, due to technology factors outside of its control may not be able to always guarantee the security of data transmitted.  Therefore, it’s recommended that members do not message any secure information such as credit card numbers, phone numbers or passwords that are wished to be kept confidential.
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