Jetties in Western Australia

With it’s vast coast line Western Australia has some great boating facilities including Jetties, boat ramps, marinas and boat harbours. 

Busselton jetty Western Australia

Some of the largest and most visited jetties in the world are located within Western Australia including the Busselton Jetty and the Esperance Jetty which attract thousands of visitors a year.

Apart from the sheer size of these jetties, they also have some fantastic history to them with the Busselton Jetty built in 1889 and Esperance only having it’s first jetty installed in 1892.

Additional to this, Western Australia also houses some of the oldest working jetties in Australia in locations such as Albany and the Abroholos Islands.

Jetties are an amazing part of Western Australia’s history and nowadays play a crucial role for boating, fishing, whale watching or any other type of activities that need to be conducted over large bodies of water.

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