Sugarloaf Rock

Sugarloaf Rock is a well-known tourist spot located within the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park, on the west side of the Dunsborough cape.

Sugarloaf Rock Dunsborough on a windy day
Sugarloaf Rock in the Margaret River Region of Western Australia

Being a Perth local, and with my folks living in Busselton, we have dropped by Sugarloaf Rock numerous times whilst exploring areas close by.  

With this in mind, I thought I’d pull a helpful guide providing you with the information you need before visiting.

How to get to Sugarloaf Rock?

Sugarloaf Rock is located approximately 3 hours south of Perth, just north of Dunsborough within the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park.

By car: To get there by car you head towards Dunsborough and then north along Leeuwin-Naturaliste Rd.  After travelling north along Leeuwin-Naturaliste you then need to turn left at Sugarloaf Rock Rd which will take you down to the Sugarloaf car park.

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By plane: If you were keen to fly down to check out Sugarloaf Rock, then your closest airport is located at Busselton which is approximately 30 minutes east.  From here you can either hire a car and drive or look at booking a tour guide.

What is the parking like?

car park area at Sugarloaf Rock
Lower car park at Sugarloaf Rock

Although there is a decent car park at Sugarloaf, the car park can fill up pretty quickly during busy periods, especially school holidays or over long weekends.  

top car park at Sugarloaf Rock
Upper car park area

Therefore, if you do have the option, similar to most local attractions in the area I’d recommend heading there outside of school holidays or during the week.

When is the best time of the day to visit Sugarloaf Rock?

I’ve visited Sugarloaf during the morning and the afternoon and both times were pleasant.  

During the morning if you have a light offshore wind the surrounding waters around the rock are much calmer compared to when the sea breeze kicks in during the afternoon making it more enjoyable.

sugar loaf rock at sunset
Sugarloaf Rock at sunset

However saying that, being on the west side of the cape, Sugarloaf is also a great spot to watch the sunset.  

So with this in mind, I would try and aim for the morning when the wind is calmer or late afternoon to catch the sunset👌

What can you see or do at Sugarloaf?

Sugarloaf Rock Dunsborough WA
The colours of the granite rock structures are beautiful, especially when the suns is out!

Apart from sitting back and admiring the beauty of this fascinating rock formation and its surroundings, you may also like to consider other activities such as hiking, bird watching or if you’re lucky, whale watching.


hikers walking at Sugarloaf Rock
Hikers leaving Sugarloaf Rock to venture along the Cape to Cape track

Head out for a bushwalk.  Fortunately, the Cape to Cape track passes by Sugarloaf Rock giving you the option to take a walk along this track and explore the beautiful surroundings of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park.

Look for Whales

Whale watching boat moored up at Port Geographe
A local whale watching charter moored up at Port Geographe Marina

During July to October, Whales migrate along the southwest coastline with Sugarloaf being an ideal location for witnessing these magnificent creatures cruising along our coastline. Alternatively, if you don’t have any luck you can head out on a local charter boat such as the above.

Go Bird Watching

Birds at Sugarloaf Rock
Birds can be spotted at the top of the Sugarloaf Rock

Go bird watching.  Due to its location, Sugarloaf is also known as a great spot to go bird-watching.

Fishing at Sugarloaf Rock

coastal risk sign at Sugarloaf Rock
Example of danger signs found at Sugarloaf Rock

Although you can fish at Sugarloaf Rock I personally wouldn’t recommend it due to the fact that the rocks can be both slippery and dangerous to fish from.

If you’re keen for a fish then check out our Dunsborough fishing guide for other fishing spots in the area.

What facilities and services are at Sugarloaf Rock?

toliets at Sugarloaf Rock
Toilets at Sugarloaf Rock, Western Australia

Due to its remote location, there are little to no facilities apart from the toilets located in the car park.

If you do feel like a coffee or a snack afterwards then I’d recommend heading over to the Cafe at Bunker Bay or perhaps drop into Dunsborough town on your way out.

Photos of Sugarloaf Rock

To provide a further insight to what to expect when visiting Sugarloaf please check out the below photos:

Are dogs allowed at Sugarloaf Rock?

No, unfortunately, dogs are not permitted at Sugarloaf Rock.  This is due to the fact that Sugarloaf is located within the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park.

Can you camp at Sugarloaf Rock?

No, camping is not permitted at Sugarloaf Rock.  Be sure to check out accommodation at Dunsborough for places you can stay nearby.

Accommodation near Sugarloaf Rock

If you are planning a trip to Sugarloaf Rock and would like accommodation nearby, then I’d recommend having a look at accommodation in Dunsborough.  

Alternatively, there are some nice places to stay in Eagle Bay or Bunker Bay which are close by.

More information

For information regarding Sugarloaf Rock, I’d recommend checking out the below links:

Final thoughts

I hope you find this write-up on Sugarloaf informative and of value and most of all, that if you do visit Sugarloaf you have a nice time.  

Whilst you’re in the area other similar attractions you may like to visit include Canal Rocks, the Aquarium, Meelup Beach and Injidup Spa.

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