Islands and Reefs in Western Australia

Due to it’s vast size and variation in climate, Western Australia is home to some best islands and reefs in the word.

Off the coast of Perth you have the famous Rottnest Island. With sixty three beautiful beaches, a number of resorts and beach side restaurants this is very popular amongst both visitors and locals in the area.

Aeriel view of the coral reef at the Abrolhos Islands in WA
Aerial view of Abrolhos Islands

Heading up the coast you have amazing island and reef structures like the Abrolhos Islands. Then further north of this you have the world’s largest fringing reef called the Ningaloo Reef. Stretching 300 kms from Carnarvon to Exmouth this is a must for anyone into activities such as scuba diving or fishing.

Further around the north west coast you then have the Mackerel islands followed by the Dampier Archipelago Islands. Due to their remote location, these Islands these provide some of the best fishing experiences in the world. Definitely an area to visit for sports fisherman wanting to get into some adrenalin pumping pelagic species.

For more information on an island or reef of interest from the below list.

Note – we’re constantly trying to improve and better this website, hence if there is an Island or reef structure you would like some more info on please let us know and we’ll get to work:) Or alternatively, if you can’t find what you’re looking for here are a few more links to help out:

  • Ningaloo Reef – An informative guide about the Ningaloo reef located off the north west coast of Western Australia
  • Buccaneer Archipelago – The Buccaneer Archipelago is an unbelievable area made up of some 800 to 1,000 island structures including hundreds of small beaches and protected coves
  • Rowley Shoals Marine Park – The Rowley Shoals Marine Park is located approximately 300 kilometres west of Broome. This world class marine park is made up of three coral atolls, called Imperieuse Reef, Clerke Reef and Mermaid Reef.
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