Dive Charters in Western Australia

Western Blue Diver Charters Boat

If you’re into diving and snorkelling then WA has some fantastic Dive Charters on offer.   There are dive charters operating all around the state.  Whether you’re an advanced diver wanting to push the limits or just keen to kick back and snorkel around warm shallow reefs of the north west the dive charters listed on this page have you covered.

Dive Locations

There are some great spots around Perth and the south west to dive.  Probably the most popular dive spot out from Perth is Rottnest Island.  Known to the locals as “Rotto”, Rottnest Island is about a 35-45 min ferry ride from Hillarys Boat Harbour or Fremantle.  The island caters for both scuba divers and snorkelers with some awesome caves and grey nurse shark hide outs on the west side and the east side such as the basin and Thompson bay offer some nice snorkelling options.

In the south west of the state there are many nice locations to choose from too.  With the coast somewhat more unprotected compared to the north there are some fantastic wreck dives to consider.  If you’re lucky enough to head to the warm waters of the north then Abrolhos Islands should be on the list or if you can afford it a dive with the Whale Sharks off Coral Bay and Exmouth is a definite must do!

Check out our list of Dive Charters below:

For more information about scuba diving in WA check out the official PADI website.

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