Marine Rescue

Marine rescue services in Western Australia are led by marine rescuers who volunteer their time and who are trained in marine rescue operations.

Whitfords sea rescue heading out from Mindarie Marina
Whitfords Marine Rescue heading out from Mindarie Marina

Volunteer Marine Rescue Western Australia known as VMRWA is comprised of volunteers from 38 marine rescue groups from around the Western Australian coastline. These groups are made of up in excess of 1,400 volunteers.

Marine Rescue crew from Fremantle
Fremantle Sea Rescue heading out from Fremantle Marina, Western Australia

These dedicated volunteers give their time and effort to aid mariners in danger on the water between the south west town of Esperance all the way up the coast to the East Kimberleys.

Marine Rescue: Frequently Asked Questions

I’m located in Western Australia – where is the closest Marine Rescue to me?

VMRWA has a full list of Marine Rescue groups on their website. Use the below link to access this list so you can identify the closest marine rescue service to you. Click here is a complete list of all marine rescue groups within Western Australia

How do I volunteer as a marine rescue in Western Australia?

Contact your local VMRWA group. You must be a self motivated and disciplined person with marine knowledge, experience or marine rescue qualifications. Experience in marine radio communications on channel 16 is also an asset to complete marine rescue training.

How do I call marine rescue in Western Australia?

You can call through to your closet volunteer marine rescue service by calling Channel 16 on your VHF marine radio or Channel 88 if on a 27MHz marine radio. Depending on your situation there are a number of different calls you can make from logging the details of your trip before heading out to an emergency call such as a MAYDAY.

Therefore, before heading out it’s most important that you contact your local sea rescue group to confirm the call signs they use and the different radio frequencies they support. This will give you the confidence you need should you come in to trouble out in the ocean.

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