Spearfishing FAQs

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Have a few questions about spearfishing in WA? Check out the list of FAQs below. Or alternatively, if your question isn’t here or you need more info reach out in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Do you need a license to spearfish in WA?

Fishing licenses for spearfishing in WA are similar to that of normal rod fishing. That being if you are spearfishing off a boat you still need your recreational boat fishing license, though if fishing from sure you don’t. Unlike all other states, WA is the only state that permits spearfishing whilst scuba diving.

For more information on fishing licenses check out the Department of Fisheries website.

I would like to get into Spearfishing, where do I start?

Joining a spearfishing club is a good start. Visit our clubs page for more info.

What gear do I need to start out?

– speargun
– a dive knife
– Swimming fins (specifically freedive fins)
– Waist diving weights
– Snorkel and mask
– dive fin booties
– A wetsuit
– A wetsuit hood (these can be built into the wetsuit)
– A float with a blue and white dive flag
– A dive reel for the bigger fish

Why are the fins used so long?

This allows the diver enough thrust in the water to go under the surface and come back up as quickly as he/she can.

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