Fishing Guides: How Tos, Tips & Techniques

To help you along, we’re putting together a number of fishing guides. Select a guide from below or read on for more info. If there is a topic you would like to be covered please let us know.

How to cast a fishing rod

How to cast a fishing rod

Casting a fishing rod can be one of the most difficult parts of fishing, especially for beginners. There are many ways to cast a fishing rod, but we will show ...
how to fillet a fish for cooking

How to Fillet a Fish

Have you caught an awesome fish though not sure how to prepare it for dinner? Check out the basic steps on how to fillet a fish. Alternatively read further down ...
How to cook fish

How to cook Fish

Need to know how to cook fish? Below are a couple of simple methods to cook fish. If you have any other ways to cook fish, or perhaps an awesome ...
Fishing knots

Fishing Knots: Beginners guide to tieing successful fishing knots

One of the essential skills to becoming an legendary fisherman is to have a good understanding of knots and which knot to use for which scenario. To help improving your ...
Fishing with kids off Busselton jetty

How to Catch a Fish (Beginners Guide)

The techniques you use to catch a fish will vary with species of fish and fishing location. For example fishing from rocks in salt water will be different to fishing ...

We plan to continually grow this area, hence if there is a topic you would like covered please let us know. Alternatively, check out YouTube as there are a bunch of useful videos there.

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