Smiths Beach (Yallingup), Western Australia

Smiths Beach near Yallingup is a great beach that’s well worth the visit! located near the Margaret River wine region, just south of the main Yallingup town area, Smiths Beach is popular amongst both locals and visitors to the area.

Smith beach Yallingup

With amazing views, beautiful soft white sand, and crystal clear waters Smith Beach is a perfect choice for swimming, sunbathing, or a bit of surfing.

Swimming at Smiths Beach

Smiths Beach WA
Smiths Beach on a summers day

Due to the beach facing north and the rocky point providing a level of protection, the area to the left of Smiths Beach is quite calm and is ideal for taking a dip.  

As you venture to the right of the beach which is less protected, you’ll notice that the swell and waves get slightly larger hence if you’re keen for a swim I’d recommend sticking to the left area of the beach.

Surfing at Smiths Beach

If you walk up a fair way to the right of the beach you’ll come across a surf break known as “Super Tubes”.  As this is a shallow water break over some sharp reef it’s more suited for experienced surfers though if you’re keen then check out the above video.

Fishing at Smiths Beach

Fishing is permitted at Smiths Beach with anglers fishing either from the rocky outcrops to the left of the beach or further up to the right of the beach.

During the salmon season, you’ll often find schools or salmon entering the bay to rest up during their annual migration north.  Therefore, if you’re keen to catch a salmon during the season be sure to add Smith Beach to your list of southwest fishing spots.

Are you allowed dogs at Smiths Beach

Are dogs allowed smith beach Yallingup wa
Dogs are allowed at Smiths Beach based on the above

According to the above signage, dogs are prohibited on Smiths Beach from 1 December to 28 February inclusive between 9 am to 5 pm.  Dogs are allowed on the beach off their leash at all other times.

Car Parks and accessing Smiths Beach

Stairs to the right side of Smiths Beach
Stairs down to Smiths Beach from the first carpark

There are two car parks to gain access to Smiths Beach.  The first one you come across is located on the corner with a staircase heading down to the beach.  

Steps to smiths beach from far carpark
Stairs down to Smiths Beach from the second car park

The next one is located further up in front of Smiths Beach Resort.  Although both car parks have stairs leading down to the beach, typically the first one is used by surfers as this provides more direct to the surf breaks whilst the second one is more directly in front of the swimming area.

One word of warning though, due to its popularity these car parks fill up pretty fast in summer so if you are keen to get a spot and want to avoid having to park up the road try and get there early.

Walking the Cape to Cape on Smiths Beach

When I was last at Smiths Beach doing some salmon fishing, I was a little confused when I noticed a couple of hikers walking along the beach in complete hiking outfits, loaded backpacks, and walking sticks.  

Initially thinking, geez they must be hot, I soon realised that they weren’t just visiting Smiths Beach they were actually walking a section of the Cape to Cape Walk Track which evidently goes along Smiths Beach.  So if you’re there and you see hikers trekking along the beach you’ll now know why;)

Accommodation at Smiths Beach

For those that are interested, Smith’s Beach Resort is an amazing place to stay at.  This resort is located right behind the beach.

Photos of Smiths Beach

Below are some photos of Smiths Beach when I was last visiting the southwest.  Was a perfect day with light southerly winds blowing making it ideal to sit, relax and take in the fresh sea air.

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