Margaret River, Western Australia

Margaret River is considered one of the most popular destinations within the South West region of Western Australia.  With a beautiful coastline, a vibrant town, amazing wineries, and divine restaurants Margaret River should be on anyone’s list if planning a trip to the southwest of WA.

Margaret River in the south west region of Western Australia
Margaret River has some of the best vineyards in the world!

How do I get to Margaret River?

Margaret River is located just over 270km south of Perth.  If you’re traveling by car (with no traffic) you want to allow around 3.5hrs which will give you time for a stop and refreshment on the way.

If you plan to fly there, there is an airport in the nearby town of Busselton.  Once you land there it will take around 30mins via car to reach Margaret River.

Things to do at Margaret River

Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Western Australia, there is plenty to do regardless of your age or what is of interest to you.  Below are some great activities to consider:

Eat and drink

Margaret River is known for its world-class wineries and restaurants with some fantastic options to choose from.  If you venture out around the roads of Margaret River you’ll see signs everywhere for different wineries. 

Alternatively, you could consider a winery tour – these are great if you have a few of you or if you want to have a few glasses of wine without worrying about who’s going to be the skipper for the day.

Check out the caves

There are some awesome underground caves that surround Margaret River.  To the south, you have Mammoth Cave, Lake Cave, Giants Cave, and Jewel.  To the north, you have Ngilgi Cave.

Out of the four, my favourites are Ngilgi and Mammoth Cave. I’ve visited these a couple of times with my sons who had a great time exploring them.

Visit some natural attractions

The wooden foot bridge at Canal Rocks in Yallingup
The wooden bridge going over Canal Rocks

If you have the time I’d recommend checking out some of the magnificent coastal attractions in the area as the coastline around Margaret River is stunning!  Some places I’ve recently visited include Canal Rocks, The Aquarium, Injidup Natural Spa, and Quinninup Falls.

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