Bunker Bay (Dunsborough), Western Australia

Bunker Bay is a beautiful sheltered and pristine beach located within the Cape Naturaliste area of the South West region, Western Australia. Due to it’s unique location this beach of only one of several northern faces beaches in Western Australia.

Video by Andrew Mozdzen

Fishing at Bunker Bay

Can you go fishing at Bunker Bay? Yes, you certainty can! Bunker Bay is a fantastic spot for catching Australian Salmon during the Autumn either from the beach, the rocks or a boat.

Salmon caught at Bunker Bay WA
Salmon caught at Bunker Bay

Fishing from the beach

When you first arrive at Bunker Bay the easiest area to access for a fish is the beach. After you head down through the car park and along the boardwalk you’ll find yourself looking at a spectacular beach with crystal clear waters.

Bunker bay beach near dunsborough in Western Australia

From here you can either fish straight out in front, or head to the left or right to find yourself a nice area to cast a line.

Fishing the left side of bunker bay
Area to left of beach

When I fish there I usually walk up to the right a few hundred meters to get away from the crowds (especially in Salmon season)

Fishing the right side of bunker bay
Area to the right of the beach
Fishing off the beach for Salmon (Video by Shore Spinners)

Rock fishing at Bunker Bay

Bunker bay has some great rock platforms (such as Rocky Point) that provide opportunities for some fantastic fishing action. Fishing from these platforms can seem daunting at first but once you get used to them then they become some of your favourite spots.

These areas are full of life with smaller species such as Herring, Tailor and Wrasse roaming around the rocks. If you’re going for the bigger species then fish such as Salmon (in season) , Pink Snapper and Yellowtail Kingfish have been caught from here.

Boat fishing at Bunker Bay

If you’re keen to fish Bunker Bay with a boat then this is certainly a good option. You can do so by launching at the Dunsborough boat ramp and then heading up around the cape to Bunker Bay. Check out the video below of some WA anglers catching some awesome Salmon.

Can you swim at Bunker Bay?

Yes, Bunker Bay is a popular destination for swimmers in the summer months. It also has some nice spots for snorkelling too.

However, during the salmon season sharks can follow in the schools of salmon so always be shark aware, especially around these times.

Shark watch chopper at Bunkers Bay
Photo of the shark watch helicopter tracking some sharks following a school of salmon

Is Bunker Bay dog friendly?

Yes, dogs can be let off the leash towards the northern end of Bunker Bay.

What is the length of Bunker Bay Beach?

Bunker Bay Beach stretches just over 2kms long.

How to get to Bunker Bay?

Bunker Bay is located off Cape Naturaliste road. To get there simply turn into Dunsbrough and continue along Cape Naturaliste Road where you will then find a right turn onto Bunker Bay Road.

When you get to Bunker Bay you’ll first pull into the below car park.

Car park at Bunker Bay

From here you can access the Bunker Bay Beach house Cafe or take the wooden path down to the beach.

Bunkers Bay Beach House cafe
Bunker Bay Beach House
Wooden path down to Bunker Bay beach
Path to Bunker Bay beach

Photos and Videos

Below are some photos and videos taken whilst fishing at Bunker Bay.

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