Fishing Licences

Fishing Licences in WA do apply for some situations. Read the below before you decide to wet a line.

To comply with rules stipulated by the Department of Fisheries WA recreational fisherman need to be aware of licencing requirements.

Example of a WA fishing licence

Whilst a licence is required for most fishing activities there are some that do. For more information on recreational licence see the FAQs below.

Fishing Licence FAQs

Do I need a licence for fishing in WA?

Depends on the type of fishing. A licence is required for recreational boat fishing, net fishing, freshwater, crayfish (rock lobster), Abalone or Marron. To apply for one of these licences visit the Department of Fisheries website.

How do I get a licence for fishing in WA?

The quickest and easiest way to get a licence is online via the Department of Fisheries website.

My fishing licence is about to expire – how do I renew it?

The easiest way to renew your licence is online via the Department of Fisheries website.

What are the costs for a licence to fish in WA?

The current costs for a recreational fishing licence are below, however these costs may change hence please check the Department of Fisheries website for more information.

Recreational Fishing from Boat: $40
Rock Lobster (Crayfish): $50
Abalone: $50
Marron: $50
Freshwater Angling: $50
Net Fishing (Including net, haul, throw): $50

Note, there is a discount if you purchase multiple licences in the single transaction.

Now I have my licence what are the rules?

There are a number of rules and regulations developed by the Department of Fisheries WA depending on the type of fishing you’re doing. These recreational fishing rules can be view online by visiting the WA Fisheries website. Be sure to also check out the bag and size limits as this are just as important as ensuring you have the correct licence.

How do I change the address on my WA fishing licence?

There are three ways to change your address or contact details on your recreational fishing licence. You can either drop into a Fisheries Office, in writing by post to the Department of Fisheries or the easiest way is online via DoTDirect.

For further instructions visit this page on

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