Boat hire in Western Australia


There are a number of options when it comes to hiring a boat in Western Australia. Whether you’re after a small dinghy to explore the rivers or after a full blown Yacht charter then the below companies have you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to hire a boat in Western Australia?

The cost of hiring a boat in Western Australia can vary greatly. The vary depends on boat size, boat type and the operator who you contract with. This can clearly depend on boat style which is why we have compiled the above list of boat hire operators in Western Australia. You should always check their websites for for up to date boat hire prices prior to booking any boat.

Where can you hire house boats in Western Australia?

House boats are available for hire in Perth, Mandurah and Augusta. Within Perth house boats can be taken out in the Swan River, in Mandurah they are used within the Mandurah Estuary and Peel inlet. From Augusta house boats are available for hire on the Blackwood River.

Do you need a skippers ticket to hire a boat in Western Australia?

Boat operators in Western Australia require a drivers license for boat rental, however it will depend on the type, size and engine power of the boat to determine whether or not you require a skippers ticket. The operator will let you know if a skippers ticket is required prior to making a booking.

If I need a skippers ticket where can I get this from?

There are a number of providers in Western Australia who run boat skippers training courses. These boat schools are designed to give boat operators the skills required to safely drive, navigate and manage boats. The boat schools will provide you with the knowledge needed to drive boats safely in all water conditions including oceans, rivers and dams that comprise our beautiful state.

Where can I find out about boat safety in Western Australia?

For all the up to date boat safety information please refer to the boat safety section of the Department of Transport website.

For more information on locations to explore via a boat check out the explore section of our website.

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