Snorkeling at Rottnest Island

“Dad… this friday is a pupil free day… can we go snorkeling?” As soon as I heard my older son say this I started wondering what day trip we could plan this coming Friday and where we could head for a snorkel… perhaps Snorkeling at Rottnest Island could be on the cards?

After checking out the weather reports, with the temps in the 30s and a S/E wind blowing the weather gods were on our sides and before I knew it we had booked three ferry tickets for a day trip to do some Snorkeling at Rottnest Island (Departing Fremantle at 7am).

After a quick 35 min ride over we were on the Rottnest Island Jetty with our bikes and back packs ready for our adventure. This was the first time I had taken my two sons to Rottnest so figured I’d try to make it a day to remember. With that in mind, I checked the maps and we were soon heading off on a 7km bike ride to a protected cove called Little Armstrong Bay on the north west side of the island.

Apart from a couple of quokka selfie attempts along the way the ride was done pretty quick and before you knew it we were gearing up to head out for a snorkel.

Little Armstrong Bay, Rottnest Island
Little Armstrong Bay, Rottnest Island

The waters looked pretty clear from the look out, though as soon as we put our heads under the water the visibility was amazing!!! The water was crystal clear with the visibility stretching at least 15-20m+.

It wasn’t long until we were 50m+ from the shoreline exploring everything that Little Armstrong bay had to offer. The fish life was fantastic, we saw so many species including flat head, massive king george whiting, cod, herring, tailor, shalls of buff bream, garfish and many more.

On top of this we came across some stunning coral and reef formations which provided us with much entertainment and great footage on the goPro;)

Video footage from snorkelling at Little Armstrong Bay, Rottnest Island

After a couple of hours snorkeling and relaxing on the beach it was time to hop back on the bikes and head back into for some lunch and an ice cream.

For those thinking of heading to Rottnest for some snorkeling – I’d highly recommend it! One tip though, if you can try and get the early ferry over.

Getting there nice and early meant that we pretty much had the beach and snorkeling area to ourselves for the first few hours before the crowds arrived.

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