GoPro Snorkel Mask: What Mask I Use And Why I Like It

Throughout the years I’ve tried a number of different ways to mount my GoPro whilst snorkeling or diving to capture footage underwater.  This has included a standalone head mount, mounting it on my wrist and even on my speargun.  However, I recently discovered a mask that you can mount your GoPro on and I’m stoked with it to the point that I ended up buying two, one for myself and one for my son.

Close up of GoPro Snorkel Mask mount
Close up of the Ocean Hunter Phantom GoPro mount

Check out the below article for more info on why I would recommend a GoPro snorkel mask and which one I like.

What is a GoPro Snorkel Mask

GoPro Snorkel Mask one with one without
My two Ocean Hunter Phantom Masks

A GoPro Snorkel mask is a mask that has a built-in mount that has been specifically designed to mount a GoPro camera.  Note, apart from GoPro cameras you can also mount other cameras that have similar fittings.

Benefits of a GoPro Snorkel mask

There are a number of different reasons you may like to use a GoPro snorkel mask.  Check out the list below:

  • My hands are free – The beauty of a snorkel mask with a GoPro mount is that you become hands-free!  You simply turn on your GoPro before you jump in the water and that’s it.  You then get to swim around hands-free which makes life easy especially if you have a speargun to carry or a cray loop;
  • Smoother footage – since switching to a GoPro snorkel mask I’ve found my footage to be a lot smoother.  I believe this is because it’s more stable compared to when you are holding it in your hand; and
  • Wider perspective – another great advantage is that you get a much better perspective.  As the mount is above your eyes the viewers of your footage get to see things exactly as you do!

Which GoPro Snorkel Mask do I use?

Box of the Phantom GP2 GoPro Snorkel Mask

The mask I use is the Phantom GP2 made by an Australian company, Ocean Hunter.  The main features of this mask are:

  • High-quality GoPro Mount
  • Tempered anti-reflection glass lens
  • High-quality silicone straps and skirting
  • Quick adjustable straps
  • High visibility design

Where can you buy these GoPro Snorkel masks?

A number of Aussie dive shops stock them, or alternatively, you can buy them online.  I’ve left a link below to where I bought my Ocean Hunter Phantom GP2 mask on eBay.

Buy it on eBay

Here are a few more pics of the Ocean Hunter Phantom GoPro Mask:

Final thoughts

I hope you found this article helpful.  I guess, to be honest, this mask may not be the best out there though this is a mask that I’ve used for a long time with no issues hence while I feel comfortable recommending it.  If there is another mask that you think is also great for GoPros then please add a comment below for others to read. Cheers!

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