King George Whiting

King George Whiting (aka KGs) are a prize species that many west aussie anglers like to target.  Not only known for their fantastic taste, King George Whiting are also great fighting fish.

king george whiting caught fishing busselton jetty
A nice King George Whiting caught when fishing from Busselton Jetty

Why the name King George?

It’s believed King George Whiting was named after King George Sound in Albany.  This mass sheltered waterway is known to produce some of the best King George fishing within the Albany area.

What’s the difference between KGs and whiting?

Compared to other species of whiting King George whiting are predominately larger in size and from a colouring perspective they have visible brown to somewhat red spots and markings along the top of their body.

How big do King George Whiting get?

King George Whiting can grow up to a length of 72cm with the biggest caught being 4.8kg!

Where can you catch King George Whiting?

King George Whiting can be found from Dongara (South of Geraldton) all away around the south coast until NSW.  However, you’ll find that King George Whiting are more dominant in the cooler waters of the south coast.  

If you’re land based fishing then King George and other Whiting species are commonly caught along coastal beaches, rock walls, jetties and estuaries.

If you’re fortunate to have a boat or kayak, then some great locations to fish for KGs include:

Perth and Surrounds

  • The bays around Rottnest Island
  • Cockburn Sound (Rockingham)
  • The back of the three mile reef along the perth coast all the way out to direction bank
  • Five fathom Bank

South West

When is the best time to catch King George?

King George can be caught all year round. The ideal months to fish for them are from spring through to early winter.

How to catch King George Whiting?

There are a number of factors to consider when fishing for KGs.  

What depth and what type of ground do they like?

They can be found in depths ranging from 1 all the way up to 40m+.  You’ll commonly find King George Whiting in sand patches, along the edges of weed banks and relatively level gravel limestone like patches.

Note, areas that hold King George are usually inhabited by Squid so be sure to have a squid jig handy when out fishing for KGs.

Best Fishing Gear to use

For their size, King George Whiting are a great fighting fish hence I usually fish with light gear when chasing KGs.  I opt for a light 6ft graphite rod with a matching spin reel fishing 6-12lb line.

Rigs and Techniques

different rigs and techniques that you can use to catch King George. These include bait based rigs, soft plastics and even lures.

Baits to use for King George Whiting

Popular baits to use for KGs included:

  • Squid or Occy (The soft white tentacles of squid works well)
  • Coral Prawns (Try the tail of the prawns with the shell peeled off)
  • Small chunks of mullies or whitebaits
  • Cockles (shelled)

How to Prepare and Cook King George Whiting

If you’ve caught yourself a nice King George then check out the below videos.  The first one shows the best way to fillet a KG along with the other videos showing different cooking methods.

How to clean a whiting
Grilled King George Whiting

Rules and Regulations

Before you head out and catch a feed of King George then ensure you’re up to date on the rules and regulations including how many you can catch, size limits, possession limits and so on.

Check out the King George Whiting page on the fisheries website for the latest rules and regulations.

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