Can you Cage Dive with Sharks in Perth Western Australia?

Although there are some large sharks off the coast of Perth, in particular great whites, there is no cage diving with Sharks on offer in Perth, WA.  This is unlike other states in Australia, such as South Australia where cage diving with sharks is available.

great white shark cage diving australia
Great white shark approaching a cage

Why can’t you cage dive with sharks in Perth, Western Australia?

Due to the cooler waters of WA’s coastline around Perth, combined with the deep waters of the continental shelf, WA’s south coast and the Perth region provide the ideal habitat for great white sharks.

Over the years there have been a number of fatal shark attacks in different locations along the West Australian coastline. In 2012 the government took measures to ban cage diving with sharks.  Reasons given at the time were that thorough research suggested shark cage diving could change the behaviour of sharks.

Articles related to cage diving and the reasons why it was banned in Western Australia can be found here:

With the close proximity of the deep waters beyond the continental shelf. Together with the cooler waters around this part of Australia’s coast, this region is an ideal habitat for the great white shark.

Alternatives to cage diving with Sharks in Perth

Even though there are no cage diving experiences on offer in Perth, there are shark experiences to consider, this includes though are not limited to:

In addition to this, there are other interactive marine tours on offer around Perth and Western Australia, including:

Where can you cage dive with Sharks outside of Perth?

Shark diving Port Lincoln, South Australia

Although shark cage diving isn’t available in Perth, you can cage dive with sharks in South Australia in a well-known destination called Port Lincoln.  

With the Neptune Islands Marine Park, there are particular tour operators that are permitted to use the likes of fish berley to attract large sharks such as great white sharks.

Check out the links below for more information on shark cage diving at Port Lincoln:

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