Seal Guide: Where Can I See And Swim With Seals in Western Australia?

close up of Seal swimming at Seal Island Western Australia
Swimming with a young seal at Seal Island

If you’re within Western Australia and you’re keen to get up close and personal with a seal (well technically a sea lion), then be sure to read this article where I provide information on where you can see and swim with seals in Western Australia, including locations such as Seal Island (Rockingham), Carnac Island, Hillarys, and Jurien Bay.

Seal Island (Rockingham)

Swimming with the seals at seal island rockingham

Located approximately 45 minutes south of Perth is Seal Island.  This beautiful island located within the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park in close proximity to the shoreline is a perfect spot to get up close and personal with seals.

I’ve personally visited Seal Island a number of times and have thoroughly enjoyed it.  On every occasion visiting Seal Island, I was fortunate to be able to swim with a seal.

Check out my dedicated article on swimming with the seals at Seal Island.

Carnac Island

Another popular spot for swimming with seals is Carnac Island.  Situated between Rottnest Island and Garden Island is Carnac Island which is approximately 10 km from Fremantle in a south-west direction.  This A-Class nature reserve has a large bay on the east side of the island which provides the ideal area to jump in and go for a snorkel with some west aussie sea lions!

If you’re keen to check out the seals on Carnac Island then there are a number of tour operators that offer half or full-day snorkelling adventures that give you the option to enjoy snorkelling the area along with hopefully seeing and interacting with some juvenile seals.

Little Island (Hillarys)

Located approximately 2 km off Hillarys (approximately 25 km north of Perth) is Little Island, or what the locals in the area often refer to as Little Seal Island.

Unlike Seal Island in Rockingham, Little Island is a much smaller island that is home to just a couple of resident seals.  Due to marine park regulations, you’re unable to go on to Little Island, however, you do have the option of snorkelling or kayaking around the island.

On a decent day when you can get relatively close to the island, you can usually see a seal or two laying on the island or out swimming in the surrounding waters.

If Little Island sounds of interest to you, be sure to check out our Little Island page for more information.

Jurien Bay

Located 2.5 hours north of Perth is the relaxed coastal town of Jurien Bay.  This picturesque bay is home to a colony of Australian Sea Lions that inhabit several islands within the Jurien Bay Marine Park.  

With these islands only being a 15-30 minute boat ride out from the marina, Jurien Bay provides an excellent option for visitors wishing to interact and get up close and personal with some of the most inquisitive and playful mammals in the ocean.

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