Little Island (Hillarys), Western Australia

Often known as seal island to the locals around Hillarys, Little Island is a tiny uninhabited island located approximately 2 km out from Hillarys.

Unfortunately, as Little Island is located within the Marmion Marine Park you’re not allowed to go onto the island, though as the waters around it are within a marine sanctuary, there are some good areas both south and west of the island to go snorkelling.

How to get to Little Island?

Little Island, Hillaries – Western Australia

Little Island is located approximately 2 km northwest of the beach just on the north side of Hillarys Boat Harbour.

Being so close to Hillarys Boat Harbour, people wishing to visit the island usually launch their boats at Hillarys Harbour or venture out on their kayaks from the beach just north of the harbour.

Seals on Little Island

Apart from the birds on the island, there are also usually a couple of seals that call Little Island home.  It’s not recommended to approach the seals though when snorkelling or kayaking around the island, don’t be surprised if one of the seals comes to join you.

These seals can be quite inquisitive and playful, however as they are wild mammals you must always keep this in mind and if you do choose to swim or kayak near them then be sure to give them plenty of distance so they don’t feel threatened by your presence.

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Kayaking to Little Island

Based on its close proximity to the shore and Hillarys Boat Harbour, Little Island presents the perfect opportunity for those that are looking for an ideal ocean kayaking adventure.

Snorkelling at Little Island

If you’re keen on a snorkel then little island offers some ideal snorkelling grounds – check out the above video for an insight on what you would expect to see!

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