Where To Swim With Dolphins in Perth, Western Australia

Swimming with Dolphins definitely has to be up there as one of the most rewarding experiences and I suspect it’s something that’s on everyone’s bucket list! 

For me, I’ve always found dolphins to be such inquisitive and playful mammals, hence when I had the chance to swim with dolphins in Perth, WA – I jumped at the chance!

Dolphins approaching the boat to swim – Perth, Western Australia

Where can you swim with dolphins in Perth?

When it comes to swimming with dolphins in Perth there is one main tour operator that operates out of Rockingham which is Perth Wildlife Encounters.  

However, if you are happy to travel south to Bunbury (approx 2hrs) you can head out on a dolphin swimming experience with the Dolphin Discovery Centre.

As I’ve personally gone on the Perth Wildlife Encounters tour this article focuses on the Perth dolphin swimming experience.  For more information on swimming with dolphins in Bunbury click here.

About the Perth Wildlife Encounters Dolphin Swim 

Swimming with dolphins
Swimming with a dolphin (Photo credit: Perth Wildlife Encounters)

Operating out of Rockingham (approx 45 mins south of Perth), Perth Wildlife Encounters offers a fantastic dolphin swimming experience amongst the sheltered waters of the Rockingham islands and bays.

Tour highlights

  • Costs range from $150 to $339 per person (depending if you are a participant or spectator);
  • Enjoy a 3 – 6 hour cruise on a custom-built boat;
  • Use of underwater scooters to help get you up and close to the dolphins;
  • All snorkelling equipment provided including a full-length wetsuit;
  • Food platters and refreshments were served on the boat;
  • Free photos of your experience;
  • Only 45-minute drive from Perth;
  • Option to either meet at the boat or request a bus transfer included in your tour;
  • Well-established operator who has been running tours since 1989;
  • Operates from September to early June;
  • Spectators can come though there is a cost;

Note, the above points are relevant at the time of writing this article.  Please check the tour page for further details.

What is the dolphin swimming experience like?

I personally went on the Dolphin swim operating out of Rockingham with my uncle and we both had a fantastic time! With the assistance of underwater scooters and our helpful tour guides we were able to get up nice and close to the dolphins as they swam amongst us and others.

What do I need to take?

As your snorkelling gear and a wetsuit is provided, you just need to bring a towel, your bathers and clothes.  Note, it can get a little chilly when you get out of the water so a warm jumper is always recommended on the cooler days.

How much does swimming with Dolphins cost?

The costs for dolphin swimming tours in Perth start from $150 per oerson, however, this is only for a spectator ticket.  If you want to swim with the dolphins you’re looking at $299 per person and if you also want bus transfers to the boat included this will also cost more.

When you go to the booking page you’ll be able to see the cost of different options available.  

Note, they sometimes offer a cheap rate towards the end of the season, so if you don’t mind the cooler weather it’s worth keeping an eye out for these.

What are the chances of swimming with a dolphin?

You definitely have a good chance to see and swim with dolphins, however if for some reason you don’t, you’ll be pleased to know that Perth Wildlife Encounters offer a “Wild dolphin guarantee”.  

This means that if you don’t get the chance to swim with a dolphin on your outing, you can head out with them again for free.  (Check the terms and conditions of the tour page for more info)

What time of the year can you swim with dolphins in Perth?

Dolphin swimming tours operate from September through to June.

How old do you have to be to swim with the dolphins?

Participants need to be 6 years or older to swim with dolphins.

Where does the boat depart from?

The boat departs from the Cruising Yacht Club Jetty in Rockingham, WA.  If you don’t request a transfer as a part of your booking, detailed instructions on how to get to the jetty will be provided at the time of your booking.

Videos of swimming with dolphins

For an insight into swimming with dolphins in Perth, be sure the check out some of the youtube videos uploaded by others below:

Can you touch the dolphins?

No, you can not touch the dolphins as tour operators have a “no touch policy”.  This is to ensure the dolphins are not harmed in any way. 

Can you feed the dolphins?

No, you are not permitted to feed the dolphins as this is considered extremely unhealthy for the dolphins.

I’m not in Perth, where else can I swim with dolphins in Western Australia?

If you’re located further south of Perth, then as mentioned above, there is the option to swim with dolphins out of Bunbury.  Use the link below for more info.

Swimming with dolphins in Bunbury

Other similar experiences

In addition to swimming with seals, you may like to check out similar interactive wildlife tours in Western Australia, such as:

I’d prefer not to go on a tour, where can I see dolphins in the wild?

Dolphin and a baby Perth
Wild dolphins approaching my boat in Geographe Bay, Western Australia

Over the years I’ve been fortunate to come across dolphins out in the wild numerous times when I’m out in my boat.  

Areas of the Perth coast where I’ve seen them the most are in and around the sheltered waters of some of our islands and protected bays.  Such areas include, but not limited to are:

If you happen to be down south, then Geographe Bay is another area I’ve seen and have been fortunate to have dolphins swim with me when snorkelling in the bay.

Feeding the dolphins at Monkey Mia
My son and his friend getting called up to feed the dolphins at Monkey Mia

Alternatively, if you’re travelling up the north coast then Monkey Mia is another well known destination where you can see dolphins.

Final thoughts

I hope you found this article helpful and if you do decide to book a dolphin swim tour then I hope you have just as much fun as I did!  All the best and feel free to return and share your experience via the comments below:)

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