Fishing Knots: Beginners guide to tieing successful fishing knots

One of the essential skills to becoming an legendary fisherman is to have a good understanding of knots and which knot to use for which scenario.

Fishing knots

To help improving your knot tying skills, I’ve added a few videos below of common fishing knots every fisherman should know.

Things to know

No matter which knot you’re going to tie, remember these key points:

  • Choose the right fishing knot and tie it correctly;
  • Lubricate the fishing line and knots with water or saliva before drawing then tight;
  • Male sure you draw knots as tight as possible;
  • Using scissors or clippers trim tag ends close to the knot;
  • Get out there fishing and catch that big one- all the best!

If you have a knot that you think is worth while please add it to the comments below… tight lines guys and girls!

Types of fishing knots

The Uni Knot

The uni knot is a great universal knot that can be used with both braid and mono. Perfect for terminal knots such has straight onto hooks or swivels.

The Two Hook Snell

This is a great knot for rigging up larger baits, for example whole squid, of yellow tail.

The Blood Knot

The Clinch Knot 

The Spider Hitch Knot

The Palomar Knot

The Surgeon’s Knot

Need some fishing tackle?

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