Squid Fishing in WA: Information, Tips & Where To Catch them

Known for their delicious tasting Squid are often targeted by a number of West Australian fisherman. Here is some information about fishing for Squid, locations to fish for them and how to catch them.

Large squid caught in geographe bay
Large squid caught in geographe bay, Busselton, Western Australia

Where to Catch Squid

Squid can be found all along the WA coast line. As squid love to hang out in the weed beds most fisherman target areas to have broken ground with lots of weed.

If you’re fishing by boat it’s recommended to target shallow bays or the protected waters inside reef breaks. Within WA there are a number of bays in WA that are known to produce squid – these include the likes of Cockburn Sound and Geographe Bay.

Jetties and Marina Rock Walls

If you’re land based then jetties and marina rock walls are a good place to start. Jetties are great at night time as most jetties will have lights in the evening which often helps to attract the squid in.

Esperance Tanker Jetty
Aerial photo of Esperance Jetty

A few popular jetties known to produce good squid include;

Busselton Jetty Squid Fishing

Busselton Jetty is well known for squid fishing and produces squid all year round. If your going to try your luck for squid target the deeper weed beds or in and around the jetty pylons. The below video provides a great insight into what you can catch.

Squid fishing off Busselton Jetty in the south west of WA

A list of places where you can catch Squid in WA

Below is a selection of places that are known for catching squid:

Esperance Tanker Jetty

Esperance Jetty, Western Australia

The Esperance Jetty is an amazing Jetty that stretches out from the coast of Esperance, at a length of 415 metres with a width of 4.5 metres this jetty is ...

Learmonth Jetty (Exmouth), Western Australia

Learmonth Jetty located approximately 40kms south of Exmouth, Western Australia. is a popular jetty for those that are keen to go for a fish. Fishing at Learmonth Jetty Learmonth Jetty ...
magic conditions in geographe bay busselton western australia

Georgraphe Bay (Busselton), Western Australia

Geographe Bay is one of the most peaceful and picturise bays you'll along in the south west. Home to the Busselton Jetty, Geographe Bay is a massive bay that stretches ...

How to Catch Squid?

There is no need for specialised equipment when fishing for squid. The main rule is to use what appeals to them most at that time.

Generally Squid prefer fresh fish which you can put on a baited jig, but a lot of fisherman also have great success using squid jigs.

Two squid going for the same baited jig off busselton
Two squid fighting over a metal jig with a small piece of fish on it

Using a Jig to catch Squid

If you’re fishing with a jig then you want to work the jig in a “sinking and rising” motion similar to the video below.

Watch out for ink!

One tip though, they are great at covering you in ink so always remember to keep them facing away from you when bringing them onboard your boat or onto the shore.

Rules and Regulations for Squid in WA

Note, there are limits to the amount of squid you can catch so be sure to check out the Department of Fisheries site for the latest info before heading out.

When to fish for Squid?

Although you can catch plenty of squid during the day, squid fishing at night works well using squid jigs that glow in the dark or fishing lights such as LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights work well too.

Squid fishing videos

Below is a collection of squid fishing videos posted by our members. Enjoy!

How to catch a squid off a Jetty (Video by Nev’s fishing)

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