How to Fillet a Fish

Have you caught an awesome fish though not sure how to prepare it for dinner? Check out the basic steps on how to fillet a fish. Alternatively read further down to see some great videos on filleting specific fish.

how to fillet a fish for cooking

1. Open fish’s mouth and remove guts (i.e., entrails, gills);

2. With the tail facing you, run your blade along the backbone starting behind the dorsal fin until you reach the larger side of the fish’s belly to separate top layer from bottom layer fillet (Always run the knife away from you);

Note that your left hand will hold onto the skin while right hand does most of work below it (or vice versa if you left handed). Your knife should move freely and not be pressed down too hard which can result in tearing up skinny part of meat near spine or cut through thin flesh;

3. Once you have separated the fillets near rib cage and cut through all the way down to backbone, lay fish face up on cutting board with ribs facing away from you again;

4. Once the fillets are off, you can then either take the skin off the fillet by using your knife to do so, or cook the fillet with the skin on.

More Info

If you want to see a couple of pros from West Australia that know how to fillet fish, check out the guys from Fillet Fish Australia.

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