How to Catch a Fish (Beginners Guide)

The techniques you use to catch a fish will vary with species of fish and fishing location. For example fishing from rocks in salt water will be different to fishing on a freshwater lake.

Fishing with kids off Busselton jetty
1. Go fishing on the Busselton jetty

Here are some general rules for fishing all over the world when catching any fish:

  1. fishing requires a fishing reel to set a hook after casting your lure or bait into water, the fishing line reels off as you cast your bait away from you bringing it back in so that when the fish bites you have tension which triggers you to set the hook into its mouth when reeling it further towards yourself allowing for a catch.
  2. Try fishing during times when fish tend to bite best like early morning or late evening in spring and summer, these are also the most common fishing times. Conditions such as the tide, moon phase and water temperature can also have an impact.
  3. Use baits that suit the species of fish you wish too catch. If you don’t have baits you can use lures.
  4. Fishing requires patience; you may not catch a fish on your first trip though persistence pays off.
  5. Fishing involves observing how the fish are behaving to decide when to strike and set a hook with fishing rod to attract them for a catch.
  6. Fishing can require fishing permits depending on the fishing area.
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