Best Beaches for Kids in Perth, WA:  A Locals Guide 2024

Living in Perth with two young kids of my own, I’ve always been on the hunt for beaches in Perth that were family-friendly, meaning that I could take my kids for a swim and not be worried about large waves dumping my kids, or rips pulling them out to see – which unfortunately is the case at some Perth beaches.

As both my sons are much older now I feel that I’ve since gained the experience to put together a list of beaches that I would consider the best beach for kids in Perth.

For more information select a beach below:

Aerial view of Mettams Pool Trigg
Mettams Pool (Perth)
View of Yanchep Lagoon Perth WA
Yanchep Lagoon (Perth)

Perth Islands with nice beaches for kids

calm kiddies beach at Penguin Island
The east side of Penguin Island is a great spot for kids to swim

If you do have an opportunity to venture offshore, then there are a few known islands that have some great protected coves and shallow beaches that are great for kids.  

My top island picks around Perth would be:

sunset over garden island perth
Garden Island
A boat moored up on Carnac Island Perth
Carnac Island
Map of Penguin Island rockingham
Penguin Island
Beach setup at little Armstrong Bay, Rottnest Island
Rottnest Island

Note, with the above islands usually you’ll find the east side of the island to be the most protected.

Other islands off the coast of Perth and Western Australia can be found on our main Islands page.

Know of a Perth family-friendly beach?

If you have a beach that you think should be included in the above list, please contact us with the details and we’ll ensure it’s added:)

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