Mettams Pool (Perth), Western Australia

Mettams Pool is a popular beach located in the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. It is a sheltered cove that provides a protected spot for swimming and snorkelling.

Aerial view of Mettams Pool Trigg
Aerial view of Mettams Pool (Trigg), Western Australia

The beach area of Mettams Pool is surrounded by rocky outcrops that give it a unique and picturesque appearance. 

The water is calm in comparison to the surrounding coastline, making it an ideal location for children and elderly people who want to enjoy a swim in a safe environment.

Snorkelling at Mettams Pool

An insight to snorkelling at Mettams Pool, Western Australia

One of the main attractions of Mettams Pool is the surrounding reef that is home to a wide range of marine life providing an ideal spot for snorkelling. 

Snorkelling at Mettams Pool is a popular activity amongst both Perth locals and tourists who are often able to see a range of different fish species and other sea creatures.

The reef is easily accessible from the beach, making it an ideal spot for both experienced and novice snorkelers.

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When is the best time to go?

The best time to visit Mettams Pool would be during the summer months when you have a light offshore breeze combined with a low swell.  Why the low swell? Apart from reducing the surge in the water, this will help promote better visibility for those wishing to snorkel.

In addition to this, if you want to beat the crowds (especially on the weekends and during school holidays) then I’d definitely recommend heading down earlier rather than later!

What’s the parking like?

To be honest the parking isn’t that great, with parking along the street as the only option.  If there is no street parking right in front of Mettams then you can continue along the street until you find one, or you may prefer to turn up one of the secondary roads to seek parking elsewhere.

How deep is at Mettams Pool?

The depth at Mettams Pool varies between 1.5-2m in the main area with the depth obviously increasing the deeper you venture out.

Are there toilets at Mettams?

Toliet and showers at Mettams Pool Perth
Toliet and shower block behind Mettams Pool (Trigg)

Yes, there is a toilet and shower block located at Mettams Pool.

What else should I know?

Due to its location, Mettams Pool has a number of good cafes nearby, which are perfect for a quick bite, coffee or a refreshing drink. 

There are also several picnic areas and BBQ facilities in the vicinity, making it an ideal spot for a morning out.

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