4 problems with the Oztent RV5 tent bag

I purchased my first OzTent RV5 back in 2016 and I was so happy with it I decided to purchase another one for my sons to sleep in. (Below is a pic of both RV5 tents side by side)

Two RV5 OzTents side by side

The Oztent is great, it’s so easy to unpack and put up though like most tents the part I’ve always struggled with is getting in back in the tent bag. Perhaps there is a knack to it, or perhaps there isn’t though it’s always been a struggle for me. 

Problems I’ve found with the OzTent BAG is:

  1. The tent bag is too small.  You have to pack the tent away perfectly to make it fit.
  2. The canvas can get caught in the zip. With being such a tight fit it’s easy to catch the canvas of the tent in the zip which can cause tears in the canvas (believe me this happens and I wasn’t happy about it!)
  3. There’s is no extra room to pack in OzTent addons such as the OzTent fly, ground sheet or front annex;
  4. The bag isn’t waterproof.  Not an issue if your travelling with the tent inside the car though a few trips I did I had the tent up on the roof rack and when I got to camp to put up the tent water had soaked through the bag into inside sections of the tent.  Not a major issue as I wiped it down with a towel once setup though again not ideal.

What to do about it?

Purchase a drita or kelmac RV5 tent bag. These bags are built out of much tougher and waterproof materials plus they are bigger than the original bags.

The extra length and width allows you to not only pack away the tent with ease, the provides you plenty of room to store those extras in. With my bags I pack both the tent plus the fly, the ground sheet and an extra pole for bracing the awning.
Hope this helps for those Oztent owners facing the same problems.

Happy camping all! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me via the contact us page.

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