How many people can sleep in an OzTent RV5? Here’s Your Answer!

This is a question I see asked a lot on the internet and amongst different Facebook groups. The answer varies depending on both the size of you and your family along with the situation.

Two beds in an Oztent RV5
How I setup my son’s Rv5 with two camper beds on either side

How many can you sleep?

From my personal experience, here are the different combinations.

  • Three adults (Three single mattresses)
  • One adult and two teenagers (Three single mattresses)
  • Two adults and two children (Two adults on a double mattress and the two children head to tail)

How did I reach this conclusion?  This is based on my experience.

As I’ve had my Oztent for some time, we’ve had to adjust our sleeping arrangements to suit. When my sons were young we could quite easily fit two adults and my sons, however, as they’ve grown into teenagers arrangements have changed to suit.

Is there still enough room for your gear?

To be honest, once you have three single mattresses in the tent it doesn’t leave my room for anything else.  If you have the mattressed running longways (e.g. with the head of the mattress at the back of the tent) you will have some room for your clothes etc either at your head end or around your feet.

What can you do if you want more room?

If you plan to have up to three mattresses in the RV5 then I would consider getting either the RV5 extension or you could consider purchasing another RV5 tent or one of the smaller models for your children. 

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