Portable Toilets: What Chemicals Do I Need to Use In Australia?

I recently purchased a king’s portable toilet and couldn’t find information about what chemicals I need to use. With this in mind, I thought I would share my research to help fellow aussie campers out…

Chemicals for portable toilets

What chemicals do I need?

To simplify things you need a chemical for the bottom tank of the toilet and a chemical for the top tank (the flushing tank).

Chemicals for the top tank (flushing tank)

Technically, as the top tank only holds water for flushing you don’t actually need to add chemicals, however, most campers like to add a rinse chemical to their tank.

Known as the ‘pink chemical’, this chemical is added to the top tank and when flushed, apart from providing a pleasant fragrance in the air its purpose is to provide a protective layer that helps to prevent bacteria and scum from forming on the plastic of the toilet.

Chemicals for the bottom tank (Storage tank)

The chemical for the bottom tank is added to help break down the toilet waste and minimise the smell. When choosing a chemical for the bottom tank, there are two main options to choose from which are slightly different. To simplify things these are known as the ‘Blue and ‘Green’ chemical.

The difference between the blue and green toliet chemicals is explained below.

The Blue Toilet Chemical

Blue chemicals for portable toliet

Known to be the most effective, the blue chemical has a long tank life and breaks down toilet waste well, however as it is non-biodegradable you can not empty it in your standard toilet septic system and you will need to empty your waste into an actual waste disposal point such as in the photo below.

Grey water disposal facilities at Potters Gorge

The Green Toilet Chemicals

Unlike the blue chemicals, the green chemicals are considered biodegradable and can be emptied into septic tanks.

Like the blue chemical, it still does a great job at breaking down toilet waste and reducing the smell though the only disadvantage is that it doesn’t last as long as the blue chemical meaning that you will have to empty the bottom tank more frequently.

Where can I buy portable toilet chemicals?

When I was looking for my portable toilet chemicals I tried the typical camping stores such as BCF and Anaconda though unfortunately both stores we’re low on stock.

I thought I would check Snowys online and to my surprise, they had everything and needed in stock and were cheaper so I ordered them online with the chemicals and toilet paper arriving a few days later.

What Products are there?

There are a number of different brands of chemicals on the market, however, the most popular brand of portaloo chemicals is Thetford. Thetford sells a range of chemicals covering all your needs.

Depending on your needs you’ll also find that there are a number of different size bottles to choose from, however, unless you are permanently traveling or going on a long trip I find the smaller bottles have more than enough capacity and are also much easier to pack away;)

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the above article is a quick and easy guide to help you identify what chemicals you need:)

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