Why I bought two Oztent RV5

You could say I like them so much that I wanted two of them, though this wasn’t quite the case.  As mentioned in my bio I have two sons that are growing bigger and bigger every day.

Two Oztents side by side
Two Oztent RV5s setup side by side

In their younger days, we just all slept in the same tent though as they got bigger and as our camping trips seem to go for longer I started looking at alternates to provide us with more space.

Initially, I thought about getting two extra swags for my sons to sleep in though the more I thought about it the more I thought two tents would be more suited.  My main reason is that we do a fair bit of “off-grid” camping where there are no toilet blocks, showers, etc hence we spend much more time in the tent when it comes to getting dressed after showers etc.

With this in mind, I thought that with the boys having their own tent they would not only have plenty of room to sleep, but they would also have a decent

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