Pros and Cons of Oztent RV5: A Must Read Before Buying

Before purchasing an Oztent RV5 here are a few pros and cons to consider.

Oztent RV5 logo


  • Goes up quickly – yes it is really a 30-second tent! That’s one thing I’ve been really happy with is how quickly it can go up and down;
  • Good quality – although this is factored into the price, the materials used are of great quality and unlike other tents, I feel like I finally have a good quality tent that will last me for years;
  • One-person job – this tent goes up easily with one person. I often put mine up by myself and my oldest son puts theirs up by themselves; and
  • No need for a fly – unlike other tents there is no need for a separate fly


  • Price – not really a big con as you get what you pay for though I was surprised at how expensive Oztent is to other brands after using it I soon understand why;
  • Weight – I must admit I was surprised with the weight of the Oztent RV5. It’s a struggle to carry around and even more of a struggle to get it up on the roof rack;
  • The bag is too tight – unless you can pack it as tight as in the factory the bag it comes in is too tight and I’d highly recommend upgrading to a Drifta of Kelmatt bag;
  • Awning catches the rain – if you put up the Awning poles fully extended with no run-off it will act as a big rain catcher; and
  • Condensation – in the cooler months in Australia I’ve found that you do sometimes wake up with condensation within the tent. After purchasing the fly I found that the condensation was no longer an issue.

If you own an Oztent and have anything to add to this list please let me know:)

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