4 Essential Tips to Keep Sand Out of Your Tent (Based On Experience)

Don’t you just hate it when you go to step into your tent and the next minute you have sand all over the base of your tent… me too!

sand on feet

To be honest, this has to be one of my pet hates when it comes to camping in a tent and after years of camping I believe I’ve come up with some great ways of keeping sand out of your tent and more importantly your tent and your feet feeling nice and clean!

1. Choose your camp spot wisely

our camping setup 14 mile

Selecting the right campsite can make a world of difference in keeping sand out of your tent. Look for a spot that is slightly elevated and away from high-traffic areas like the shoreline. 

Ideally, choose a location with compacted soil or grass, as these surfaces are less likely to accumulate sand. 

Avoid setting up camp directly on sandy patches or areas prone to strong winds, as they can contribute to more sand inside your tent.

2. Use a groundsheet outside of your tent

setting up the ground sheet for tents

If you’re camping on the beach or in a sandy area then a groundsheet or tarp is a fantastic investment. 

oztent ground sheets on ground

As per the photo above, before pitching my tent I have a groundsheet that sits under my tent and extends out the front of my tent.  

Not only creating a barrier between the tent floor and the sandy surface, but this groundsheet also provides an area where you can sit down and clean your feet before stepping into your tent…more on that later;)

In addition, apart from reducing the amount of sand around your tent, groundsheets are an excellent way to provide an extra layer of protection for your tent against debris, moisture, and other sharp objects.

3. Setup a tent doormat

grass mat at front of oztent when camping
Example of an artificial grass mat that we always place at the entrance to our tent

Outside of your tent, I always have an artificial grass door mat. This acts as an additional barrier to capture and collect sand from your feet before entering your tent and also gives you the chance to wipe your feet.

In addition, I also put a secondary mat on the edge of the groundsheet providing the opportunity to wipe your feet before you step on the groundsheet.

4. Dip your feet in a bucket of water

buckets and grass mat at tent
Bucket of water used to dip our feet in before entering the tent area

Over the years I’ve found that having a bucket of water near the entrance to your tent is great for dipping in your feet to quickly get rid of all the sand.

This may not apply to those in colder climates, though in Western Australia this works wonders!  Note, you also don’t need to use fresh water, just a bucket of beach water will do the trick;)

Final thoughts

I hope you found this article useful and that you now have some ways to keep your tent sand free! If you have any other ideas that you think may be of use please comment below:) Oh, and before you head off… if you’re into camping then be sure to check out the main camping section of our website – enjoy!

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