How to cast a fishing rod

Casting a fishing rod can be one of the most difficult parts of fishing, especially for beginners. There are many ways to cast a fishing rod, but we will show you how to cast a fishing rod with this beginner’s guide!

There are a number of different fishing reels used for all different reasons. The below videos provide good instructions on how to cast with each of the different styles of reels.

How to cast with a Spinning reel

Spinning reels are are generally more easier to cast with and faster for retrieving. Spinning reels are great for for kids or beginners starting out that want a reel that this easy to cast with and fast to retrieve.

Instructional video on how to cast a baitcaster

How to cast with a Baitcaster reel

Bait casting uses the weight of lures to extend fishing line. The reel is mounted on the top part of the rod for bait-casting style. Learning to use bait casting​ reels is an acquired skill, and isn’t something you can do overnight. Once you get the hang of it, though, casting your lures right on target into the structures where fish are feeding will be easy.

Instructional video on how to cast a baitcaster
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