Fishing the Muiron Islands off Exmouth

Check out another top video from Ben and his mates at Northern Addicts fishing up at Exmouth.

Launching their tinny from Bundegi Boat Ramp the boys decide to head out to Murion Islands for a fish.

Om the way over Ben spots a few birds working the bait balls and decides to flick a lure. It’s not long until he’s on to a nice Tuna. After landing that it’s not long until they punch it out to the island which is approximately 45mins from Bundegi Boat Ramp.

Once they arrive at the island they decide to try their luck spearfishing…. check out some awesome footage of the reef structure around the island.

From here they’re back in to the boat and it’s not long until a Mack Tuna is onboard and shortly after Ben is wrestling with some massive Spanish Mackerel though unfortunately the “tax man” won the fight. Top effort guys!

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